Scoobyfreak's 2015+ WRX/STI "Ultimate titanium hardware package"

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Subaru Ambassador Chris Vuono IG: chrisvuono / YT:Scoobyfreak86 from New Jersey has been utilizing our products to fullfill his titanium addiction. Chris's beautiful Subaru STI hosts 90% of our titanium offerings for the Subaru platform. His YOUTUBE channel has been very informative to the subaru community. Chris is a car enthusiast first, not your typical "youtuber". He installs, most of his modifications as a result you get the most honest reviews as possible. His extraordinary love for the subaru community is something you cant deny. Lately we have been getting messages  asking, "Can i have what scoobyfreak has".  As he always says, " Im all about the details." Chris has helped us add many kits to our site. It is only right we put together the "ULTIMATE TITANIUM SUBARU PACKAGE"

This package includes:


  • Sti/wrx Titanium Hardware Kit
  • Perrin Strut Bar kit
  • Hood Latch
  • Camber kit
  • Side Fender Shroud
  • IAG AOS Bracket
  • Passanger Brake Line
  • Intake side brakcet
  • Power Steering Tank
  • Maf Sensor Screws
  • Cobb Intake Clamps
  • Throttle Bottle Hose Clamps
  • Intercooler Y pipe Clamps
  • Radiator Cap set
  • Intercooler Brackets
  • BPV Hardware
  • Vaccum hardware
  • Alternator Cover
  • EBCS
  • Radiator Stays
  • AC Line Cap Set
  • Throttle Bottle Sensor
  • Fuel Line
  • Cobb Overflow Tank
  • Battery Hooks and Nuts
  • Fuse Box
  • Air Pump
  • Trunk Kit
  • Front Door Sill
  • Cobb AP Vent
  • TBW Undertray
  • DP to Catback Hardware
  • Front Brace Bar
  • Fuel Cap Nut
  • Top Coolant Overflow
  • Radiator Fan
  • Compressive Tuning Radiator Shroud
  • Axle Nuts
  • Fuel Pressure Reg
  • Titanium Works Plate